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Circus Work Day

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

March 2, 2019

This work day is to go into the community and try and sell ads in the make phone calls to companies to purchase ads.  There will be pizza at approximately 1 pm for those who assisted.

Potentates Fundraiser

Thursday, January 24th, 2019
Have you ever considered becoming a lifetime member of the ISIS Shrine.  If so, this year could be your chance.  Illustrious Sir Russ Ingle is proud to announce his fund raiser for 2019.  For only $20 you can purchase a chance win a full lifetime membership (temple/per capita/hospital tax), a temple lifetime membership, or a crisp $100 bill. You can purchase tickets through a Divan member,  a Chief Aide, the Director of U.U., the Circus Chairman, or by calling the office.  You can purchase as many tickets as you would like. The drawing will be held December 7 during the Temple Christmas party.  If you are already a full lifetime member or a lifetime member of just certain elements, you can purchase tickets and if you win, you may complete your lifetime membership or pass it onto someone else. You do not have to be present to win.  All monies will be used for Temple operation expenses and are not tax deductible.

67th Annual Salina Shrine Circus

Monday, January 21st, 2019
Once again, Tarzan Zerbini will be presenting his three ring circus in support of the 67th Annual Salina Shrine Circus.  It will be taking place at Tony’s Pizza Events Center in Salina on April 12 (2pm/7pm), April 13 (10am/2pm/7pm), and April 14 (2pm).  Nobility ticket packets will be $80.00 and will consist of 6 kids tickets and 4 adult tickets.  Individual kid tickets will cost $6.00 a piece and individual adult tickets will cost $11.00 a piece.  They can be ordered by calling the ISIS Shrine Temple, ordering them by phone or online through Tony’s Pizza Events Center (more expensive than Nobility pricing and there is an additional fee per ticket),  or in person at Tony’s Pizza Events Center (more expensive than Nobility pricing).  If you are interested in being a classroom sponsor, the cost if $125.00 and consists of 20 kids tickets and 4 adult tickets.  If your Club, Unit, or business wants to have their banner hung, please contact a Divan member or the office and you can purchase one.  A new banner will cost $400.00 and to have an old banner hung it will cost $250.00.  Please help make this circus a success by purchasing and/or selling circus tickets, helping to sell ads for the coloring book, and helping to sell banners.  There will also be a need for help working the circus by selling novelties, cotton candy, snow cones, setting up and tearing down, and many different things throughout the weekend.