Covid-19 Update/Change of Events

Signed Covid-19 Letter

Illustrious Sir Darrell Ryan has had to face many challenges over the last few days and make some very important decisions. Attached to this email is a letter from him stating the upcoming events and if they will be canceled or postponed at this time. He has also directed that the office will remain open during regular operating hours, but any and all events held at the ISIS Shrine Temple will be suspended until further notice. These events include but are not limited to rentals, Unit and/or Club meetings, any social gatherings (i.e. Thursday morning doughnuts and coffee), and any other gatherings. Once the Temple is open for use, an email will be sent out, Unit and Club heads notified, as well as a message put on Facebook and our website. The Divan will be holding many meetings over the next few days and weeks via Zoom, will be in constant contact with Shriners International and The Grand Lodge of Kansas for guidance. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any Divan member, and they would be happy to assist you.