2024 Isis Shrine Sportsman Event

The Isis Shrine Sportsman Event will return to the VFW, 1108 W Crawford St, Salina, KS, on October 19, 2024. Tickets have been mailed to all Nobles for purchase or sale. They are $20 per ticket or $100 for six tickets.  There will be 50 prizes given away that day.  As in the past, any prize that is not money will be given out as a gift card to Cabela’s for the amount of the prize.

There are some exciting changes to this year’s event. The first is the ability to purchase tickets online. Each Noble will receive an email with a link to share via email, social media, or text to encourage all of their contacts to participate in the event. The program will also be used to draw tickets for the event randomly.  Do not worry; paper tickets will still be accepted and input into the program to be randomly drawn. Many Temples incorporating this into their Sportsman Event has seen increased revenue.  If you have not received your link, you can get there by clicking on following link; 2024 Sportsman Event.  All you need to do is type your name in the search box, and it will take you to your page to share, and away you go.  Once you have received your link or visited the webpage, please start to share, share, share.  This is an excellent opportunity to reach people you may not have been able to.

Besides purchasing tickets to win a fantastic prize, anyone can also buy a chance to participate in the 50/50.  Participation in this event is done online only.

The person who sells the most tickets will receive two free tickets to the Christmas Party, $500, and a plaque to be presented at the Christmas party. Visit the website to see where you stand in the contest. Divan members are not eligible for this award, so dismiss their names if you see them atop the list.  There will be an early drawing on September 21, 2024.  So start selling now, and sell often.  The prize will be a $500 gift card to Cabela’s.

This year’s other incredible change is the ability for Clubs, Units, Appendant Bodies, or other organizations to purchase tables and hold a small raffle to raise money or share information about their organization.  The cost of a table is only $50.  If you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, contact the office of High Priest and Prophet Philip Rowe.