2024 Isis Shrine Called Parades

March 16-St. Patrick’s Day Parade

(Rush Center)

*April 27-Ceremonial Parade*


May 10-All Schools Day Parade


*June 29-Kansas Shrine Bowl Parade*


July 4-4th of July Parade

(Junction City)

July 27-Czech Festival Parade


July 30-Central Kansas Free Fair Parade


August 6-Tri-River Fair Parade


September 2-Labor Day Parade


*November 2-Ceremonial Parade*


November 11-Veteran’s Day Parade


November 23-Salina Parade of Lights


November 30-Russell Christmas Parade


*Indicates Shriner Only Parades

**Parade Times and Locations May Change Without Prior Warning

***If you parade in any other parades, you must contact the Potentate for permission and inform the office of the dates and location to be covered by Temple insurance

****All Nobles and Ladies must follow the guidelines of Shriner International General Order #1 when parading.