Temple Rental

Room Rental

Contact the ISIS Shrine office for availability, contract information and tours at 785-825-0206 or salinaisisshrine@yahoo.com.

Deposit/Payments/Clean Up

A $250 reserve deposit is due when signing the rental contract.  The deposit will be returned after the event as long as all cleaning of building is done properly and there is no damage to the facility, inside or outside.  All areas used will be cleaned to include but not limited to wiping down of tables, vacuuming of carpet, sweeping and mopping of floors, and all trash will be removed and bags placed back into trash cans.
  • Upstairs (Capacity 200 people) or Downstairs (Capacity 150 people) – $400
  • Both Upstairs and Downstairs – $700
  • Kitchen – $350
  • Plates/Silverware/Cups – $100
  • Draperies for Tables if cleaned by Lessee – $100
  • Draperies for Tables if cleaned by Lessor – $200
  • (Round tablecloths available in the following colors: Black, Cream, Red, Navy Blue)
  • Popcorn Machine Use – $75
  • Soda Machine Use – $100
  • Television Use – $25 (per Television)


Decorations must be provided by the customer. The following items are available for use at no additional cost:

18 – Round Tables – 5′

2 – 8′ Long Tables

6 – 6′ Long Tables

144 – Black Chairs

90 – Folding Chairs

Large Ice Machine

Catering Policies

You will need to arrange your own catering and all beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  It is also the responsibility of the lessee to ensure all patrons consuming alcohol are 21 years old or older.

Liability Insurance

Lessee will provide and maintain a comprehensive policy of liability insurance insuring the premises.  The liability insurance policy shall protect lessor, lessee and designee of lessor against any liability which arises from any occurrences on or about the premises.  The policy is to be written by a good and solvent insurance company approved by the State of Kansas.  A certificate of insurance shall be produced for record showing ISIS Shrine Temple, Shriners International, and Shriners Hospitals for Children as an insured, prior to the occupation of the building.  The coverage limits of the policy shall be at least $750,000 with respect to any one person, at least $750,000 with respect to any one accident and at least $1,500,000 with respect to property damage.